The Flossie Wilson Residence

Rev. James A. Polite Ave, Bronx 718-328-7111


This service enriched SRO is designed for individuals referred from New York State.  This 45-unit housing program provides residential services that support and assist individuals in integrating with the community. Rehabilitative in nature, the program engages residents in services consistent with their desire, tolerance, and capacity to participate. It provides 24-hour on-site staff coverage and is designed to enable residents to live as independently as possible in a stable community-based housing environment. Services offered both on-site and off-site include: Substance Abuse Counseling, Case Management, Entitlement Advocacy, Medication Management, Dental Care, Mental Health Treatment, Home Care Services, Peer Empowerment, and much more. Like all our Residences, Flossie Wilson is elevator equipped, with on-site Kitchen, Laundry, and Community Rooms.